Focusing on Locomotives Built, Rebuilt, and Completed at Altoona, PA
by the PRR, PC, CR, and NS at the Altoona Machine Shops and Juniata Shops

"The Standard Railroad Shops of the World"

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15 SD40-3 Rebuilds
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About: Welcome! If this is your first visit I appreciate you stopping by. was created to document the work of the Juniata Shops, as well as railroading in Altoona, PA in general. On this web site you'll find lists of all steam, electric, gas, and diesel locomotives built in Altoona, as well as lists of "Juniata Rebuilds," locomotives with at least moderate changes that would make them stand out among other ordinary locomotives. Also look through the photo galleries for photos of stripped down locomotives and samples of the Juniata Paint Shop's work.

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